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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 9, 2014 2:00pm-2:11pm JST

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clear cheer >> thank you so much to everyone in washington, d.c. until next time, bye. hello and welcome to this edition of nhk world "newsline." i'm raja pradhan with the news from tokyo. people from across japan and around the world gathered in nagasaki to remember an attack that changed the course of history. on august 9, 1945, a u.s. bomber dropped an atomic bomb three days after hiroshima. survivors and families came together for a memorial ceremony. they pledged for a world filled with peace and free of nuclear weapons. ♪
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about 5,600 people came to this park just a short distance from where the bomb exploded. the explosion instantly flattened the city. by the end of 1945, more than 70,000 people died. >> translator: people of the world draw close to the hearts and pass on the truth of exposure to nuclear weapons so that we never again repeat such foolish actions. >> a list with the names of more than 3,300 people was placed on a vault. more than 165,000 people are now on the list. representatives of 48 countries came to pay their respects including u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. at 11:02 a.m., the time the atomic bomb dropped, people paused to honor the victims. [ bell tolls ]
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the ceremony comes a month after prime minister shinzo abe's cabinet changed japan's security policy. the government reinterpreted the constitution to allow the right to collective self-defense. >> translator: they have continued to communicate this principle of pacifism by speaking their personal experiences. however, the rushed debate over collective self-defense has given rise to the concern that this principle is wavering. i urge the japanese government take notice of the distressed voices. >> prime minister abe spoke about japan's responsibility regarding its history. >> translator: japan is the only nation in the world that has experienced the horrors of atomic bomb attacks in war. as such, we have a responsibility to work towards the goal of a world without nuclear weapons.
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we have a responsibility to appeal to the generations to come and the world the inhumane nature of nuclear weapons. >> this year the number of survivors fell below 200,000 for the first time. with each passing year, there are fewer that can pass on their stories to the next generation. and their message is becoming more important than ever. the u.s. military has conducted more air strikes in iraq. this comes after the first round of an operation targeting sunni militants who are stepping up their offensive in the northern region. the first round of strikes began on friday. two fa-18 jets dropped bombs on the militant's mobile artillery near erbil in the north. this was the first usair raid on iraq since u.s. combat troops withdrew from the country in december of 2011.
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defense department officials said the u.s. military conducted two more rounds of air strikes. they involved a drone attack on the militant's mortar position. four jets struck mortar positions and vehicles. >> the authorization that the president has been given for military action or has given for military action is very limited in scope. >> ernest said the operation is for the protection of u.s. diplomats and other u.s. citizens in iraq. it's also meant to address the urgent humanitarian situation that providing support to religious minorities who fled into mountainous regions. he said president barack obama has not established an end date to the air strikes, saying it will depend on the situation in iraq. egyptian mediators are urging israeli and palestinian leaders to discuss conditions for a long-term cease-fire. the two sides began fighting again in gaza on friday. israeli military officials say the islamic militant group hamas fired 57 rockets from gaza on
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friday morning. they said israel's intercepter system brought most of those rockets down. but some homes suffered damage. israeli forces retaliated with air raids. health authorities in gaza say five people were killed, including a 10-year-old boy. they say 31 people were wounded. the number of people killed in gaza has reached 1,894. some palestinian evacuees who had returned to their homes were again forced to flee. u.n. officials say 220,000 people are sheltering in schools. egypt's foreign ministry had been mediating a long-term truce. officials issued a statement urging israel and hamas to negotiate. palestinian representatives said they were ready to talk. israeli officials said the government would not negotiate while militants continued to fire rockets. governments in west africa are stepping up their efforts to stop the spread of the ebola
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outbreak. the world health organization declared an international public health emergency. it says the disease has killed at least 961 people. nigeria has confirmed seven cases of infection and two deaths. the president declared a national state of emergency. he said officials will step up screening at borders and at facilities for isolating patients. liberia's government has begun isolating areas with high rates of infection. soldiers are operating checkpoints on roads to restrict the movement of people. >> a whole lot of people on this side. there is no way for them to get to the children. >> for now, we cross over. >> residents in the blockaded area are complaining. they say they can't get drinking water. afghanistan's rival presidential candidates agreed to work through their differences. they'll try to outline the terms
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of a power sharing deal. u.s. secretary of state john kerry brokered talks between abdullah abdullah and the former finance minister. all 8 million ballots from the june run off are being audited following claims of fraud. but there are delays. the two camps disagree on how to disqualify suspicious votes. they did agree to choose an le nug ration date for the next president by the end of this month. >> he and i have reached an agreement and signed a communique on defining our future cooperation. >> we are committed to working together on our common vision for the future of the country. >> the agreement is a critical opportunity for both candidates to do what they just said, which is move beyond the campaign and
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into the process of governing. >> some analysts are skeptical that the two can meet the timeline. they expect a renewed dispute over the vote recount and power divide. police in thailand revealed more details of a japanese man at the center of a mysterious surrogacy scandal. he left the country twice this year with children and used a cambodian passport. they're investigating whether he's involved in child trafficking. police found nine infants in his condominium on tuesday, ranging in age from a few months to 2 years. the man is 24 years old. he claims he fathered them all with surrogate mothers. the lawyer says he's taking great care to raise three other children he brought from thailand to japan. police say he had a child with him when he left thailand in march and july this year. they both had his last name on their japanese passports. they say the man flew from
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bangkok on thursday. police are also investigating why the man used a cambodian passport. cambodia grants citizenships and passports to people who make a substantial investment in the country. next, here's a three-day outlook on the world weather. that's all for now on this
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edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. thanks for joining us. welcome to "cool japan" with cool japanese culture. what do you think? >> do you have a minute? >> joshi. we will go ahead with this scrap knees term since it's too difficult to translate into english. >> it's a child. >> by the way. are you a joshi? >> yes. i am a joshi. >> i see. this must be difficult to understand. >> we will find out about it in today's program. >> let's get started. this is "cool japan."


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